Consider the mind as a TREE.
The mind controls the body.
With the mind single-pointed, balanced, and aware, the body comfortable in whatever biases and distortions make it appropriately balanced for that instrument, the instrument is then ready to proceed with the greater work.



. . . mapping out my mind on the internet

remember . . .
I step off the plane with the other passengers
and am greeted by the Premier of Moscow
We shake hands and pose for pictures.

remember . . .
The real play is behind the scenes
Only I see the real premiere.

remember . . .
These others are from the
premier secret forces in the near/middle east.


A lone tree.
A very old tree standing in the center of the scene.
We are all looking at it.

Dialogue: Why are we looking at this tree? I ask.

An organic, evolutionary experience, he says.

The game evolves.
The game grows like a tree.
The game is EXPERIENCE.

Parallel lives, parallel universes, alternate realities, I respond.




The greater work is the work of wind and fire.
The spiritual body energy field is a pathway, or channel.
When body and mind are receptive and open,
then the spirit can become a functioning shuttle or communicator from the energy of the individual entity upwards, and from the streamings of the creative fire and wind downwards.

WALK WITH ME . . . through the mind . . . into alternate realities.